MAX Trainer Reviews

The MAX Trainer Reviews Bowflex M5 is the premium model in the new Max Trainer line, yet its price is low compared to highly-rated ellipticals, the space it aims to disrupt.

With the highest rating between the two MAX Trainer Reviews Trainers to choose from, the M5 is our Editor’s Choice in this small but powerful new product category.
It has more features than the M3, a better overall rating, a longer warranty, and more resistance levels, all in the same compact size, at a reasonable price. Bowflex Store 

Is it right for you? Read our in-depth Bowflex Max Trainer M5 review below…
Model Bowflex M5

List Price
Best Price
16 Resistance Levels
8 Workout Programs
2 User Profiles
Heart Rate
Contact Grips
& Chest Strap
Max Weight
300 lbs
46" L x 25" W x 63" H
Ceiling: User Height + 15"
Backlit LCD/LED
Cup Holder

Media Shelf
Syncs with App

Premium Grips
Upgraded Ergonomic Grips

2 Years

Our Rating
Rating: 93.5/100. Editor’s Choice based on rating and value for price. The M5 has the best feature set, the longest warranty, the highest rating, and an affordable price compared to ellipticals that don’t burn as many calories.

MAX Trainer Reviews

Burns a ton of calories in about 15 minutes
16 resistance levels to keep it challenging
Gauge readout is motivating and easy to read
Solid set of 8 workout programs built-in
Includes 8 week subscription to Daily Burn, which means you’ll have access to 600+ workouts
Very small footprint, doesn’t take up much room
Zero impact on your joints (knees, back, etc)
Media shelf and cup holder are convenient

MAX Trainer Reviews

Great design, made to work for beginners and pros  Bowflex Store 
Full coverage warranty lasts 2 years
No iPod connection or speakers included
More expensive than the lower-rated M3 but less expensive than the M7.

MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer Overview
So what makes the MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer different? Is it like an elliptical? Is it better?
The idea behind this new type of fitness equipment is simple: Combine the motion of a stair stepper with an elliptical for a low-impact exercise that burns more calories in less time.

According to an independent university study, the MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer burned up to 2.5x the calories of an elliptical per minute, and 1.56x the calories of a treadmill.

Some users logged about 600 calories burned from a 30-minute workout, compared to only 240 calories on an elliptical, which is why users are able to do an intense 14-minute workout and burn more calories.

Example: You could burn about 280 calories with an elliptical in ~30 minutes, but it would only take 14 minutes with the MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer. Sounds great in theory, but why does it burn more calories?

It’s all in the combination of the resistance, the upward step-style motion, and the upper body workout from the handles.
Together with the MAX Trainer Reviews Interval workout, which uses the same interval training strategy that athletes and trainers have loved for decades, you’ll burn a lot more calories per minute.

MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer Features
Resistance: One of the best ways to increase the workout intensity and avoid the dreaded plateau after getting results for the first few months on a new routine is to increase the resistance level. Because the MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer is made to work well for beginners and pros alike, the first few levels might be too easy for you. If so, having 16 levels means you’ll keep getting better results by gradually increasing the resistance.

Upper Body: Very few highly-rated pieces of cardio fitness equipment will truly give you a good upper body workout too. The MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer is in that small group of machines that actually build your arm strength while you focus on cardio.
Heart Rate: The M5’s grips include contact heart rate monitors so you can see your heart rate without a chest strap or another gadget to buy.
Display: I’ve reviewed 100’s of fitness equipment products, and to be honest not one has impressed with me its display…until now. It has a unique gauge readout showing your intensity and calories burned, which is great for staying motivated. Plus, it syncs your exercise data to a mobile app with Bluetooth 4.0.

It also has some excellent workout programs…
Workout Programs
Every piece of equipment includes a Manual mode to choose how you want to work out, so of course that’s included.
But beyond that and the Fitness Test mode, it also includes modes like Steady State, Stairs, Calorie Goal, Fat Burn and Calories Burn for mixing things up without having to control the workout manually.
The best modes for maximizing calories burned are those based on interval training: Max Interval and Smart Max Interval.
These are the modes that get those 2.5x the calories burned by an elliptical results.

All in all, some models have more programs to choose from, but what matters is results. Personally, I stick with the 2-3 modes that get the best results for me, and the Max Trainer wasn’t programmed to include programs you won’t need just to increase the number.

Warranty & Guarantee
The Bowflex MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer M5 comes with a two year warranty package that covers the entire machine.
Return Policy: 6 weeks, 100% money-back. If you want your money back for any reason, ship back for a refund of the purchase price.
Bowflex M5 Conclusion
Every year, there’s some new machine or gadget coming out that promises better results than the last. Most the time, it’s a bunch of hype, because the time-tested motions we make on treadmills, ellipticals and steppers get results.

Some of Bowflex’s products have been in this category, but the MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer is definitely not. This is a fantastic piece of equipment that gets the job done, quicker than anything else we’ve seen.

It’s not an easy workout, but luckily beginners can start with an easier resistance level and the Manual workout program to stay motivated as they build up their stamina and boost their metabolism.

Beyond that, there’s lots of room for improvement by mixing up the workouts, taking advantage of the interval training workout modes, and gradually increasing the resistance level to keep getting better and better results.
To top it all off, there’s zero joint impact, so it’s much better on your knees and back than any treadmill out there.
The M5 is our Editor’s Choice MAX Trainer Reviews Trainer, and is highly recommended.