MAX Trainer Reviews

Bowflex MAX Trainer Review & Free Info Kit

The Bowflex MAX Trainer is really a unique device hidden somewhere else within the industry, that some customers have referred to as being a mixture of the reverse elliptical machine, a stair stepper, along with a stationary bicycle. Other customers have explained the MAX Trainer’s motion much like running up a very steep hill.


If we’re being sincere, the Bowflex MAX Trainer is 1 sleek-looking device that is hard not to notice. Along with this, through helping you to tone up as well as lose weight, it would not only be good looking but could also bring inspiration to whoever utilizes it.
However, you already know this, simply because you are here to discover more about the Bowflex MAX Trainer, particularly after viewing those extraordinary prior to and after case studies.

max trainer reviews

What Advantages Does the MAX Trainer Claim to supply?

In the world of health and fitness, most manufacturers have discovered that Americans direct extremely busy lives, and also have produced a number of products that are claimed to provide us quality exercises in as short a time as is possible.

MAX Trainer Reviews

With this particular in mind, the Bowflex MAX Trainer will be the latest exercise device in the Nautilus lineup that claims to supply you along with all of the advantages of the much longer workout, however in only fourteen minutes for each day. Actually, the MAX Trainer’s promo video claims which creating an ultra-efficient workout was the main objective right from the start, and also the device was particularly built with this particular in mind, additionally to being fun as well as motivating.

What Are the Variations In between Each MAX Trainer Model?

Based on the MAX Trainer website, listed here are the main differences in between the M3 and M5 models:

Bowflex M3:

8 resistance levels
Water Bottle Holder
Chest strap heart rate monitor
Media shelf/tablet holder
2 exercise programs (Manual, MAX Interval)
Bowflex M5:

16 resistance levels
Bluetooth sync w/app
Media shelf/tablet holder
Backlit display
Water Bottle Holder
Premium Grips
Chest strap heart rate monitors w/integrated contact grips
9 exercise programs (Manual, MAX Interval, Smart MAX Interval, Calorie Burn up, Body fat Burn, Calorie Objective, Stairs, Steady Condition, Health and fitness Test)
Additionally, the device sits in a height of 15”, so you will have to include your height plus 15” to be able to gauge your minimal ceiling clearance.

How the Bowflex Max Trainer Works:

At its most simple, the MAX Trainer is comparable to an elliptical device, in that the feet will move in round (or even more precisely, oval) motions when it is being utilized, which suggests that you will receive a great workout along with the minimum impact on your joints.

Nevertheless, unlike some elliptical devices, the Bowflex MAX Trainer will concurrently work your upper and reduce body for “max” outcomes. This really is accomplished using wide foot planks to get a steady standing surface, that move reverses each other in up-and-down (and somewhat forward-and-back) motions. As well as from an upper physique perspective, the MAX Trainer’s “arms” move back and forth opposite each other also, with v-shaped handles which permit you to definitely intensify your upper body exercise based on your choices, just by altering hand positions.

I bought the M5 back in September 2014. It only took me about a week to get mine but due to demand I guess a lot of people are having to wait a lot longer. Is it worth the wait? Let's dive in. I'm going to be completely honest so bear with me. The machine arrived and I assembled this beast by myself. Some people are having a really difficult time putting it together, others are having no trouble. The machine is assembled with hex screws and hex wrenches (supplied). If you have a drill with a hex attachment it would make assembly MUCH easier. I didn't so I used the supplied hex wrenches and it wasn't difficult just very time consuming. About two hour time consuming if you're doing it by hand. But assembled it was and time to hop on.

I hopped on the max trainer and the movement is fluid and pleasant to perform. Then I did the assessment and that alone kicked my butt. Then I decided to do the max workout on level one. I made it three minutes and had to quit. This machine is NO JOKE. If you're as out of shape as me then this machine will destroy you in no time. After a few days I started playing around with the various programs and decided that honestly, I got the best and most pleasant workout just by getting on the machine and pressing start and doing a manual workout. The varied workouts are great but I like being in control. On the manual workout I can adjust the resistance during any time of my workout. I now usually do a whole fifteen minutes on the highest level (16). I vary the speed and usually burn about 250 calories in 15 minutes. I do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night for a total of 500 calories burned per day. I usually do three days a week, if I feel like it I do four or five days.

After about three months I went back to the max routine and I blew through the whole 14 max workout on level one with no problem. I still burn more calories in manual mode so I've stuck with that. Other things to note, the machine is sturdy. Built like a tank. The electronics are first class all the way. It comes with a chest strap heart rate monitor but I've only used it once. It's just easier for me to place my hands on the built in heart monitor to see where I'm at. It also has an app you can download and sync to the machine but I have yet to do so. I don't need an app to tell me if I've done well or slacked off. I'm sure many people would find it useful. You can also put a water bottle in the back of the console but I've not used that either. I have never had time to read or sip water while on this machine. The machine is heavy but easy to move with the attached wheels. It's also very small and takes up minimal space. It's roughly two feet wide, four feet long, and five feet high.

It's also quiet in motion. Going full steam it's about as loud as a window air conditioner. I live in an apartment and none of my neighbors have complained about noise.

And now, there are a few negatives that fortunately I have not experienced. A lot of customers have complained of squeaky wheels. My advice is to contact Bowflex customer service and from what I've heard they have been able to resolve this issue. I guess I got lucky, I've had my machine for six months now and I've noticed no squeaking. Another negative is that people are scared it might be too hard and they're right. This thing is a monster. If you're like me and the max workout proved too difficult than just do the manual workout instead. Stamina and strength will come with time. It did with me...and very quickly.

And now for the honesty part...have I lost weight? When I got my M5 I was 203lbs and I'm only 5'7. Six months later I'm at 183 so I've dropped 20lbs. as I wrote...I'll be honest... I LOVE food!! I love cake, cookies, chips, chocolate, beer, vodka. At 40 years old it really is a battle. I've also accepted that I'm not going to give up all the things I love for a six pack. Not happening, sorry. I try and eat well Sun - Thursday with salads and no junk food but come Friday and Saturday...forget it! Bring on the brews, the pizza and anything else I can get my hands on. I try my best not to cheat during the week but it does happen. My goal is to get back down to 160. I'll get there. It took me thirty years to put on 50lbs. I was 210 at my heaviest. I'm about halfway there and it's only been six months so I'm pretty happy. I expected to be back to 160 in about three months. I think that goal was a tad unrealistic especially with the holidays being only a few months after I got the machine.

I'll update any pros or cons as time goes by or when I finally reach my goal body. My final thoughts are this. The Max Trainer is as beautiful as it is functional. It will kick your butt if you want it or you can take a leisurely little hike on it if that is what you're after. With a ton of programs and a manual one you won't get bored with it either. Half a year later I'm still thrilled with my purchase. Unfortunately there isn't any way to test the Max before you buy it but if you don't like it you can return it. (Check with Bowflex, I don't know the return policy off the top of my head.) I've also noticed that my bad feet and knees are not impacted negatively by the Max. So, there you go. This thing is a low impact calorie torch. Built well and is as nice to look at as it is to work out on it. I highly recommend this Bowflex MAX Trainer.

So you’re contemplating if you should tryBowflexMax, and if all the praises you have read or heard about are legit. Well after reading this article you more than likely will be able to make up your mind.

The Max Trainer has been on the fitness scene now for awhile and has gathered rave reviews from most customers and also some backlash because of it being a bit pricey compared to other brands. Click here for a more affordable machine that packs the same features and more.

Max trainers are designed to provide users with an intense workout in a very short period. Also the bowflexmax prides itself on giving users a high intensity workout in only 14 minutes.

How is this possible? Well when you receive your max trainer it comes with a few pre programmed workout routines. The amount pre programmed routines that are on each max trainer varies depending on the model you purchase. But all models come with 14 minute workout program.

The 14 minute workout routine consists of intense short bursts, which are sure to get your pulse racing, followed by short rest periods. So not only does this machine eliminate the excuse we all use most of the time for our unhealthiest. Which I don’t have the time? But base on numerous customer reviews you will start burning fat and realize also an improvement in your endurance in a shorter time than with other machines.

After conducting numerous tests it has been proven that high intensity workouts can burn approximately 14 calories, per minute of exercise. Furthermore you will continue burning calories even after your turn with your workout sessions.

Try Bowflex Max Review
The bowflexmax would be the perfect machine for parents who have limited free times, or busy individuals overall who can’t find the time to go to the gym. Also if you’re an elderly person and your looking a low impact exercise machine you should certainly consider one of the max trainers. As it is practically impact free, and won’t leave you feel any joint pain as you may experience with treadmills or elliptical machines.

Bowflex Max Trainer Price
It is available in 3 different models.

Bowflex Max Reviews Pros and Cons
One major benefit of owning this machine is the fact that you get to work out anytime you want in the comfort of your home.
Furthermore unlike treadmills and other home gym equipment the Bowflex max takes up little floor space. As it has a neat compact design that makes it easy to fit into any corner of the house.
In addition you will be amazed at the level of workout you will experience in just a few minutes using this machine. So no matter the limited free time you have you can easily hop on a get in a workout session.
Also the max trainers are designed with various levels of resistance. This makes it a good workout machine for anyone no matter your fitness level. As you can start from the lowest level and gradual workout up your endurance. Furthermore the dial is conveniently located on the handlebar so you can easily change the resistance as you go along.
Another plus of this machine I must mention is the fact that because of the numerous levels of resistance as mention above. It will take you a very long time, if ever to plateau on this machine. Speaking from personal experience this has happened to be already with gym equipment and it eventually leads to you getting frustrated and stopping sometimes. But not with this machine.
In addition the trainers also is designed with a well place built in console that will show your heart rate, calories burned, level of resistance.

As with almost any machine there are a few pullbacks, with that said I have listed the most noteworthy ones:-
The heart rate monitor that comes with the max trainers tends to be a bit inaccurate sometimes. Although this isn’t unusually with exercise machines, and so I would recommend you purchase a heart rate monitor separately. As they are available nowadays at very reasonable prices and different designs.
Also when you order a max trainer you will receive it unassembled. But it does come with an easy to read manual. Furthermore Bowflex also offers a paid installation service. But if the numerous reviews are anything to go by and depending on your assemble skills. That may not be necessary as the parts are clearly labeled; all you need are the tools and probably a helping hand.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a new challenge you should certainly get a max trainer. As you can put in your 14 minutes core and cardio workout quicker than it would take you to arrive at the gym. But please keep in mind that no matter the exercise machine you have. To truly achieve a healthy and fit body you need to maintain a balanced diet and workout consistently.