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How to Build The Perfect Bowflex Home Gym With A Cheap Treadclimber

If you've recognized that you just can't get to the gym as many times a week as you thought, but you still don't want to give up on completing some kind of workout to maintain a decent fitness level, then you are likely one of the millions of people whose needs can be met by purchasing home gym equipment. The question for many is what to buy. In our society where many people value nutrition and fitness, a home gym or treadmill is a perfect solution. One reason so many people delay their purchase is that there's so many choices, so much hype and so much cheap exercise equipment. Before you make any purchase, read through this article to help you navigate one of the internet's oldest and best home fitness equipment sites.

Bowflex is regarded as one of the pioneers and biggest success stories in the home fitness equipment industry. Many people have been purchasing Bowflex products to equip their gyms for many years. What most don't realize is that the Bowflex Website is much more than a place to shop for exercise equipment. The Bowflex website allows their visitors to select the exercise equipment that best meets their fitness goals. With Bowflex products, you have the ability to use the very same equipment in your own home, that is used in commercial gyms. Not only does the site provide in depth information on their products, where you can request a free DVD information kit, you will also find Bowflex accessories, use the space planning tool, purchase nutrition and strength training programs. Store 

Choosing Equipment

Like many commercial exercise machines, Bowflex products may be chosen for specific fitness needs. When you choose any machine from the listing, you will be able to see the product, read a full description with products specifications, look through the additional options and find out about financing.

The Bowflex line is not just Power Rods and TreadClimber. It is a full spectrum of products that are designed to allow you the same workout you would get at the gym. For instance, if you are looking for equipment to work on your abs, arms, legs and so forth, check out the Ultimate 2. For strength training exercise equipment, you may want to consider the Xtreme 2 SE and SE.

One of Bowflex latest pieces of equipment is the Revolution Home Gym. Also available in the XP model which focuses on your upper body, the Revolution Home Gym is literally a gym full of equipment in one machine.

If you're a couch potato or someone with little to no experience in purchasing home exercise equipment, the Bowflex website offers a home gym comparison. The comparison guides you in deciding which Bowflex Cheap TreadClimber meets your personal fitness goals.

Cheap TreadClimber

The Bowflex marketing strategy is copy with a hard sell. You could easily be convinced, that having a Treadclimber or any other piece of their equipment is the only way to health, wealth and great looks. It's as if they feel all other exercise and diet programs are a waste of your time when it's certain that committed use of the Treadclimber, Revolution or other Bowflex equipment will ensure weight loss and lasting improvements to your health. The Treadclimber offers readouts that list equivalents to "real" actions, like distance traveled and number of calories you may have burned.

Cheap Treadclimber

One of my favorite features on the website is being able to take a virtual look at the several models of the Bowflex home fitness equipment. Many of the questions one might have are answered in the FAQs.


Other equipment options are also listed. If you want to add free weight workouts to your exercise equipment, dumbbells are available online as well. In fact, all the Bowflex accessories are presented. Everything they think you'll need for a home gym set up is included: interactive training software, the Bowflex Pilates Kit, machine mats and so on.

Cheap TreadClimber

Besides being a sales site, you will also find exercises, tools to make a space plan for your own home gym, product and assembly manuals and of course the warranty information. One of the keys to Bowflex program's success is their understanding of their customers' needs their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The people at Nautilus (who own the Bowflex brand) want you to succeed and will help you get the best equipment and workout to fit your needs. Store 


The nutrition page features Champion Nutrition products that include a Low Carbs program and a Muscle Maintenance program. The nutrition bandwagon is relatively empty. While stores like GNC cater to this interest, you won't usually see it at the gyms. Bowflex, cashing in on your concern, does make these products and information easily accessible. You don't just stand in a store reading the back of a box that has a description you can't understand. At this part of the Bowflex website, you get a special savings just for being a Bowflex customer. In essence, they put their money where your mouth is.

One of the keys to Bowflex program's success is their understanding of their customers' needs their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The people at Nautilus (who own the Bowflex brand) want you to succeed and will help you get the best equipment and - Reach Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals with the Indoor Running Advantage

Running on a treadmill may seem like an extravagance to a lot of people, simply because running requires only strapping on a pair of shoes and getting outside. However, there are some advantages to having an indoor running surface, and the Bowflex Treadmill is one of the best mid-price home treadmills that money can buy.

The first big advantage to having a treadmill in the home is you can run in any kind of weather. This is a big plus for many parts of the country for many times of the year. It also means you need a lot less running gear. Yes, running naked is an option if you are so inclined.

The other big advantage of running on a treadmill often not given consideration is that it is much easier on your joints, chiefly the knees. Pavement is hard, and the repeated impact can take its toll on the knees over time. A treadmill offers a much less resistant surface, and is designed to absorb impact, thus reducing the amount of stress put on your knees.

One of the features that makes a Bowflex treadmill and exceptional unit is the extra large running surface. Many home treadmills skimp on size and power in order to accommodate smaller room sizes. The Bowflex treadmill can be folded up for storage, but still boasts a 20 inch by 60 inch belt. This is a large enough surface for all but the tallest running enthusiast.

The Bowflex treadmill is made by Nautilus, a name synonymous with quality and familiar to anyone who frequents a gym. It is a hefty unit, weighing around 300 pounds, with a strong 3 horsepower motor that provides plenty of power even for uphill climbs.

The treadmill has a variety of running programs, to keep it interesting for home runners. Often, running on a treadmill can become quite boring, without any change of routine. However, it also allows you to run or power walk in front of the TV, a method preferred by many. The unit comes with an ingenious wireless heart monitor, as well as the more standard hand grip kind. Some of the higher end models also boast a built in fan, which is a nice feature, although it is easy enough to set up a room fan beside the treadmill.

The Bowflex treadmill comes with the dreaded 'some assembly required' tag, however, most buyers have found that the assembly is quite easy. As mentioned, it is a heavy unit, around 300 pounds, and quite large when assembled, so it is best to put it together in the room where it is going to reside. Though the Bowflex can be folded up, you may want to dedicate a space to it. This will also help to inspire its use, if you don't have to set it up every time you want to use it.

Our sedentary society needs all the help it can get in terms of getting people working out and raising their heart rates for at least 30 minutes three times a week. Many people find it difficult to make the time commitment for this important activity. With a treadmill in the home, the task becomes easier. However, many people will opt for cheap units that simply aren't up to the job, and the unit ends up unused. It is a good practise to buy the best unit you can afford, and set up a regular schedule to get on it and use it, even if at first it is only for a few minutes of walking. Eventually the habit forms and you will increase the level of the workout.

If you are considering buying a treadmill for your home gym then you certainly can't go wrong with the Bowflex name. A Bowflex treadmill in the home will help make your fitness and weight loss goals a reality in no time.

The TreadClimber, marketed under both the Bowflex brand and its parent company, Nautilus, is a sincere attempt at multi-tasking. The ability to switch between three distinct operating modes -- treadmill, stair stepper and so-called elliptical trainer -- makes the TreadClimber unique, but each of its operating modes also has distinct, intentional similarities to other types of cardiovascular equipment.

Nautilus and Bowflex TreadClimbers have a mini tread belt, called a treadle, for each of your feet. Think of it as a standard treadmill deck, divided straight down the middle. Each treadle is capable of independent up-and-down movement, but you cannot adjust their speeds independently.

The TreadClimber resembles a traditional treadmill but has a few inescapable differences. The small split between the treadles shouldn't be an issue for anyone with a normal gait, but this machine is obviously not for those with serious gait or stability problems. To use the TreadClimber in manual mode, dismount and lock the treadles together manually. On some models, you have only one choice of incline setting when in treadmill mode -- something you'd expect from only the lowest-end treadmills.

Stair Climber
The TreadClimber also makes a fair attempt at imitating a stair climber. Stop the treadle belts, unlock the treadles, and they'll move up and down beneath you like stair-stepper pedals. But the fronts of the pedals move up and down instead of the entire pedal moving beneath you, which gives the TreadClimber a slightly different feel than a stair climbing machine. You can't adjust the "stair-stepper" resistance while on the TreadClimber; you must dismount and make manual adjustments, something that you might only expect from low-end home exercise equipment.

Elliptical Trainer
When you combine the moving treadle belts of the treadmill mode and the up-and-down motion of stair climbing mode, the TreadClimber is advertised as producing a motion similar to an elliptical trainer. But users compare the experience to more like walking in wet sand. Also, because your feet repeatedly impact the treadle decks, this machine puts more impact on your joints than an actual elliptical trainer.

The Bottom Line
While the TreadClimber has a number of passing similarities to other types of exercise equipment, having several modes of exercise in a single machine is what sets it apart from the competition. If purchasing a TreadClimber, decide whether you prefer any single one of the machines the TreadClimber aims to imitate, or whether you're willing to sacrifice individual machine performance for the chance to use all three at once -- sort of -- with a single unit.

TreadClimber Buying Guide

Get three fitness machines in one! Bowflex TreadClimbers offer the benefits of treadmills, elliptical trainers and stair climbers while reducing the risk of injury. Their tagline is “All you do is walk” — but you’ve probably never experienced walking workouts that were this effective! TreadClimber exercise sessions are gentle on joints and deliver results surprisingly quickly. These machines let walkers enjoy the exercise advantages that are normally reserved for runners.

For more than a decade Bowflex TreadClimbers have served as popular alternatives to treadmills and other traditional cardio trainers they’re more enticing than ever.

This article serves as a TreadClimber buying guide. It explains how TreadClimbers work and compares the TC100 and TC200, which are the two TreadClimbers for sale this year.

What is a TreadClimber?
A cheap TreadClimber is designed for shoppers interested in at least two of these home fitness machines: a treadmill, an elliptical machine and a StairMaster (or stair climber). This machine can be more affordable than buying two separate cardio trainers, plus it requires relatively little space.

How a cheap TreadClimber works: Instead of featuring one moving track like a treadmill, this machine has two narrow tracks that are side-by-side. Each track moves over a long pedal called a treadle. One option is to walk on the treadles while they are kept flat (not tilted) like a treadmill track. You’ll burn calories at about double your usual treadmill walking rate, assuming you use the same speed!  For even faster calorie burn and enhanced muscle toning, you can walk on an incline.

How is the TreadClimber like an elliptical trainer? The treadles rise to meet your feet. This makes your movement very low-impact on joints and comparable to training on an elliptical. With a traditional treadmill, in contrast, your feet would strike the track.

When you choose the higher incline settings, the cheap TreadClimber supports the motion of a stair climber. You can tilt the treadles by up to 40%.

Chart Comparing the Bowflex TC100 and TC200
Both the TC100 and TC200 support the walking motion used on treadmills, the stepping used on StairMasters, and the ultra-smooth movement associated with elliptical trainers. How are the two TreadClimber models different? You can first compare Bowflex TreadClimbers. For more details, click the links for our full TreadClimber reviews or scroll down to the next section of this TreadClimber buying guide. It provides more info about similarities and differences.

Comparing the Bowflex TC100 and TC200 In-Depth
Both TreadClimbers have maximum 40% inclines and are three-in-one alternatives to treadmills, ellipticals and stairclimbers. Some other similarities: Each has an LCD data screen, a USB charging port, an area for keeping a water bottle and other items handy, and can send workout data to a Bowflex fitness app. Also, both the TC100 and TC200 are compact fitness machines and have transport wheels.

What are the differences between the TC100 and TC200? Looking at the comparison chart above, you can see that the TC200 has a higher top speed — but the difference isn’t big. The TC200 is also more compact than the TC100, but again, the difference is negligible. Here are some differences that better explain the price difference:

Heart rate monitoring: The TC200 has a wireless heart rate monitor and arrives with a chest strap. It also has a grip pulse monitor. The TC100 only has a grip pulse monitor. Additionally only the TC200 has a Heart Rate Monitor Light Bar. This feature makes it easy to see your heart rate zone in a quick glance; it shows data in four zones (Warm-up, Fat Burn, Cardio and Performance).
User profiles: All TreadClimbers are designed for shared use. The TC200 has four user profiles. The TC100 has two.
Workout programs: The Bowflex TC200 is loaded with five workout programs: Just Walk, Calorie Goal, Time Goal, Distance Goal, and Interval. Additionally customers get access to four Motion Traxx mobile app workouts. In contrast, the Bowflex TC100 doesn’t have built-in training programs, only the Motion Traxx access.
Data sharing: Both TreadClimbers can send data to the Bowflex Connectâ„¢  fitness app. Only the TC200 can also automatically share info with My Fitness Pal, Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.
Warranties: Each machine has a whole-machine warranty. The warranty length is three years for the TC200. It is two years for the TC100. Also, both TreadClimbers are sold with six week money-back guarantees. 
TreadClimber Reviews and TreadClimber Coupons
Are you still undecided — or else ready to buy? See below for pros, cons and coupons for Bowflex TreadClimbers. You can also read our detailed TreadClimber reviews.

1) Highest Rated Cheap TreadClimber: Bowflex TC200
Rating: (94.8%)

Pros: Four user profiles, three-year warranty, wireless heart rate monitor, preset training programs, integration with multiple fitness apps

Cons: More expensive than the TC100

As the top rated model overall, the TC200 has the most features and the best warranty.

2) Value-Priced CheapTreadClimber: Bowflex TC100

Rating: (90.2%)

Pros: Best balance of features for the price, such as two user profiles, Motion Traxx workouts, and joint-friendly cardio training, THE SCIENCE

How can you “just walk” and achieve such impressive results? One key to success with TreadClimbers is that their patented motion brings less lactic acid buildup compared with other cardio trainers. Lactic acid buildup is the culprit behind muscle soreness and a general feeling of exhaustion. The lower the buildup of lactic acid, the more you’ll feel comfortable, able to endure through a workout, and motivated to train again very soon! Specifically, a 2006 study at the University of California – Davis reports these amounts of lactic acid buildups measured in millimoles:

Treadmill: 3.05
Elliptical: 4.33
cheap TreadClimber: 2.68
Additionally, the patented motion brings more calorie burn per minute. This is true even without using the TreadClimber’s incline. Research at the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse (2011, 2013) found that when walking flat at 3 mph on a TreadClimber, calorie burn was about double that of flat treadmill walking at the same speed. It was comparable to running at 6 mph on a treadmill.

A third key to cheap TreadClimber success is the 40% incline. When you walk on an incline, each step automatically burns more calories compared with walking flat at the same speed.