Bowflex Rowing Workouts

3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Indoor Rowing Workouts

Indoor rowing is one of the best forms of exercises there is. The fact that it combines cardiovascular training and strength training into a single workout makes it unique and unlike any other form of fitness equipment. What makes it even better is the fact that its a very low impact training and if you have any knee problems or issues with your legs, then this may well be the answer for you. Running can really take its toll on your body and a rowing machine can give you an even better workout with virtually no impact.

The problem with many fitness machines is that the boredom factor sets in very quickly. It can get very "same old" very quickly and unless you mix it up, your workouts probably won't last long. Indoor rowing machines are not very versatile and you need to be a bit more creative to really spice up your workouts to keep it interesting and keep you excited and motivated. Here are 3 easy ideas to help you get more out of your rowing workouts.

1. Vary Intensity Bowflex com Store  
Most rowing machines have the capability of adjusting the resistance of the flywheel. By simply working out to different resistance levels you can really mix your workouts up. A higher resistance level tends to be much more intense and is more suited as strength training while a gentle resistance level will allow you to get more of a cardio workout.

2. Vary Duration
This follows on from varying the resistance levels, but the idea behind varying the duration of your exercise will also help you keep it interesting. Have you tried doing short and intense bursts of rowing for 2 minutes and then resting for 2 minutes. Do 10 reps of these and you will see how intense it can get. You can also start doing long rows - pretty much like doing a long and gentle run. this in turn will help you build stamina and lose weight.

3. Vary Posture and Grip
Although there is a proper posture for rowing effectively you can experiment with slight adjustments in your posture and grip. By simply switching your hands from above the grip to below the grip you can work your inner arms instead of your upper arms. You can also pull into your stomach to work your abdominals instead of pulling into your chest. There are a lot of small variation that each have a different effect and different results.

Workout Gloves for Rowing - 2 Killer Rowing Workouts

You may not think about getting a pair of workout gloves for rowing but professional rowing athletes wouldn't think twice about NOT wearing them. Aside from maybe pull ups, I can't think of another exercise that has the potential to tear apart your hands more than rowing. When it comes to a fat burning exercise, a standard indoor rowing machine will make that fat cry! Here are 3 Rowing Workouts you can try!

Bowflex Rowing Workouts

Rowing Workouts To Build Muscle

Because rowing requires almost equal part effort from your upper and lower body, it's one of the few cardiovascular exercises you can do that truly are a full body workout. With enough resistance you'll also be building muscle, which few if any other cardio machines can claim as one of their benefits!

Bowflex Rowing Workouts

Muscles worked during the row include the Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Delts, and basically all of the muscles of the upper back. You can even target different muscle groups by changing up your form such as using a pronated grip (palms facing down) or a supinated grip (palms facing up) or using your legs more to "push off" versus focusing on pulling as much with the upper body.   

Rowing Workouts To Burn Fat

Here's where the indoor rowing machine blasts away the other cardio machines you may be trying. Not only is it sculpting your muscles, but the energy needed to power all those major muscle groups is burning fat! A 185lb man can burn over 400 calories in 30 minutes with a tough routine!

2 Killer Rowing Workouts

1. 1,000 Meter Fat Blaster

With your workout gloves for rowing on, warm up for 5-10 minutes with the level set to easy. You're just getting the blood pumping here. Set the level of resistance to medium. You'll be doing 3 sets of 1,000 meters. The distance does not change here, however the SPM (Strokes Per Minute) does.

Shoot for 28 SPM for the first set, 24 SPM for the second, and 26 SPM for the third. In between each set you can recover with a 2 minute easy row.

2. Olympic Row Challenge

To begin you want to make sure you have a good warm up in, and you have your workout gloves for rowing all ready to go. Shoot for about a 10 minute workout if you are starting cold. This is a common "ladder" or an ascending / descending routine commonly used to condition rowing athletes.

Interval 1: Sprint as fast as you can for 1,000 meters. Recover for about 3 mins with an easy / steady row.

Interval 2: Sprint for 750 meters, recover for 2.5

Interval 3: Sprint for 500 meters, recover for 2 minutes

Interval 4: Sprint for 250 meters, recover for 2 minutes

Interval 5: Sprint for 750 meters and go to a recovery cool down.

Improve Fitness and Burn Fat With Rowing

When you begin a new exercise plan the first thing that comes to mind is exactly what type of exercise will be the most beneficial and is it something that you will stick with. Rowing is a great all body workout and not only that, it's fun! That great thing is that it works out your entire body but unlike high impact workouts with a rowing working there is a low risk of injury.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of a rowing workout:

1. Its low impact - The movement that is required when you are performing a rowing workout if smooth and fluent. Because there are no sudden impacts there is less risk of injury. If you keep your movements a contestant rhythm the pressure on your joints, is minimal unlike many other exercises.

2. It works virtually every body part - Many workouts do not offer the range of movement that a rowing workout does. Areas such as the upper arms, shoulders and buttocks that get missed in many workouts you will find with consistent workouts begin to take on a nice appealing form.

3. Excellent calorie burner - The fact that rowing takes in a large number of muscle groups makes it an excellent calorie burner. If you work out for an hour at a vigorous pace you can burn up to 800 calories.

4. Increase muscle mass - Not only is rowing a great calorie burning workout but it's also an amazing way to gain muscle mass. The best part is that as you gain muscle mass with each workout you burn even more calories per session.

5. Great for increasing physical stamina - As you continue with consistent workouts you will notice that you are able to workout for longer durations. Each session helps improve your cardiovascular health. The better your cardiovascular health is the more efficient your body becomes at burning fat.

6. There are many great exercise routines available - Online offers dozens of great workout routines for row machines, it only takes a few minutes of web browsing to come across lots of them.

Like any other exercise ensure before and after a workout you need to go through the normal stretching routine. While rowing is low impact your body still needs to be warmed up and cooled down. When starting your rowing routine slowly start out until you achieve the desired intensity. When ending a session gradually slow down to a stop. These are basic steps which many people tend to overlook.

This really is an excellent all body workout. Your legs, arms and torso need to work in sync burning calories and gaining muscle mass. As you become stronger you can intensify your workout by adding resistance. As you add resistance you know you're pushing your body to perfection. As mentioned previously rowing is a lot of fun. Rowing machines that at in the gyms and even the ones you can buy for your home gym are excellent simulations of actual water rowing. Bowflex com Store