Bowflex Revolution

BowFlex Revolution - an Honest Review

The Bowflex revolution is a updated version of the original Bowflex home gym system. There are several updates to this system that make it a great investment. Initially the price of such a machine may deter some potential buyers, but for most, the cost of getting a gym membership and the awkwardness of working out with others, makes the purchase of the Bow flex Revolution ideal. Store 

There are several Pro's to the bowflex home gym. Firstly, there are over 100 exercises that can be performed with this home gym. This allows for the user to potentially create a different workout every day of the year. Secondly, with the original bowflex models the leg press maxed out at 410lbs, while the bowflex revolution allows for 600lbs of resistance. The bowflex revolution comes with a ten year warranty and bowflex has excellent customer service.

There is also a ten year warranty on the included SpiraFlex plates. Many home gyms are extremely noisy, not the bow flex revolution. Even in the thin walls of an apartment there is very little noise that can be heard from this home gym system when in use. The quality of this machine is second to none. I would be surprised if most owners ever have to use their warranty. The bowflex revolution was also designed with comfort for taller individuals in mind.

There are a few negative factors to consider with the revolution gym system as well. Firstly, the machine weighs 245lbs, so moving this home gym around is not such an easy feat. Also, the revolution home gym comes with 220lbs of resistance standard. While this is fine for most owners some people would prefer more resistance if possible. Bowflex will upgrade the revolution from 220lbs of resistance to 300lbs upon request for an additional $100 fee.

Finally, the bowflex revolution is not the cheapest machine on the market with a price tag around $2700 dollars. However, bowflex does provide financing. As an owner of the bowflex home gym system I think the $2700 price tag is well worth the quality and convenience I got in return.

Overall I believe the bow flex revolution is an excellent home gym at an affordable price. I whole heartedly recommend this home gym to anyone thinking about starting a serious workout program at home.  

Bowflex Revolution

Bowflex Revolution Review - Has Bowflex Started a Revolution

Recently, I decided to buy a Bowflex Revolution home gym and after 12 weeks of strength training I've made several observations. Before I elaborate, I am not a Bowflex employee - just a fitness enthusiast that wants to share my experience so you can make an informed decision before buying. Below you will find my own Bowflex Revolution review. Initially, I was reluctant to buy a machine that I couldn't try out beforehand. I had a bad experience with an Elliptical machine that didn't perform like I anticipated - but I'll save that story for another day. As a rule of thumb, I like to get acquainted with any piece of exercise equipment before I make a buy.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with Bowflex. On the flip side, they offer a six-week trial period at which any time you can return it for a refund. This sounds great but in reality - disassembling it and repacking it into 5 boxes is a major pain in the butt. Before you make any major investments, I strongly suggest reading several nonbiased Bowflex reviews like this one. Look for professional opinions as well as user reviews to make an educated decision.

In my opinion, The Bowflex Revolution would be a good investment if:

o If you have a home office or enjoy the convenience of working out at home

o If you don't like fighting off the crowd at your local gym.

o If you have room to spare in your home.

o If you're a beginner or intermediate user.

o If you're already strong or don't plan on moving the machine: it tips the scale at 337 lbs.

The following are some of the benefits of the Bowflex Revolution:

o Smooth and controlled exercise movements comparable to professional gym equipment. Very effective at isolating different muscle groups for greater definition and muscle mass.

o Over 100 exercises can be performed with up to 400 variations. I haven't tried them all but it should keep me busy for some time.

o It's very convenient and accessible unlike the gym at peak hours. However, I prefer the social atmosphere of my local club.

o The Revolution makes hardly any noise. You can workout at anytime without disturbing your family members.

o Good customer support and service.

o Lightweight plates that are compact.

The following are some areas where the Revolution could use some improvement:

o The machine is bulk, heavy, and not easy to move.

o There is a learning curve with some of the exercises so you may need some patience when you start out. It took me about a week before I got the hang of things.

o The numbers on the plates could be bigger and easier to read.

o It would be nice if there were a display on the front of the machine so I wouldn't have to keep checking how much weight I have on.

o Bowflex is slow shipping out the order. Mine took 2 weeks to arrive.

o Assembly takes roughly 2 hours. If you're not good at following instructions find someone who is.

o The bench has only two locked positions (flat and incline). It would be nice to hit the angles in between.

The Verdict Is the Bowflex better than the machines at your local gym? No. However, while the Bowflex is heavy and bit bulky it doesn't require 2500 square feet to house it. Overall, the Revolution is probably the best home exercise gym in its price range. Knowing what I know now I still would have purchased it. Although a pain to assemble and move, it is a high-quality machine that offers a good value at under $3,000. It is best suited for beginner and intermediate fitness enthusiasts.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is one of the most popular home exercise machines and has been seen in the media with mostly positive reviews. As someone who own and works out with one on a regular basis I would like to share my experience.

About The Revolution Home Gym

The Revolution is the flagship home gym offered by Bowflex. What separates it from regular home gyms is its ability to offer an incredible range of exercises to isolate and target virtually any muscle group. One of the most important principles to successful weight loss and muscle gains is having a clear plan and action.

Instead of giving your basic compound exercises that you could perform anywhere, Bowflex gives you over 100 separate exercises you can perform with laser precision. I say laser because when I work out on this machine, the cable pullies give me complete control of each exercise without any risk of injury. Having such total control over your body parts actually allows for much faster results. It's analogous to have a personal trainer coaching you and watching each and every move.

Who Uses The Revolution

The Bowflex Revolution is marketed towards men and women between the ages of 21 - 45. The audience is basically split between those who want to gain muscle and those who want to lose weight. Fortunately, each goal is easily within reach. A workout DVD is included that walks you through the various exercises and showcases its unique versatility. The nice thing that I like about Bowflex home gyms is that there designed to accommodate all fitness levels and workout experience.

Bowflex Revolution Training and Workouts

The Revolution uses their patented "spiraflex" technology to provide the same benefits of cable machines. All this really means is that variable resistance is controlled through a series of rubber bands wrapped around a coil. The good thing about this is that they do not wear it so what feels like 50lbs today will feel the same 5 years from now. Another great thing about using spiraflex is the speed and ease that you can switch between exercises. I'm not a big fan of lugging around heavy weights so being able to make a few quick adjustments is a welcomed relief. It saves time and allows me to workout ore efficiently. In addition, you can lift as much weight as you want without the need for a spotter.

The Revolution delivers a total of 100 compound and isolation exercises. This included everything from chest flys, squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, arm curls, and much more. Not everyone will need to use 100 exercises. IN fact you could probably make some up if you wanted. However, this does give you the flexibility to achieve and type of fitness goal just by changing your exercise routine.

Overall Opinion Of The Bowflex Revolution

Overall, the Bowflex Revolution is a fantastic home gym that should be considered by anyone that's serious about getting in shape. More often that not, people purchase a home gym only to allow it to collect dust a few months later. If you fee like you are this type of person than I would not advise getting this machine. It's a bit expensive and to be perfectly honest, is meant for people who have the focus and discipline to get in shape. As good as it is, more than half your success is all mental. It takes a winning mindset to build a body that will turn heads. If you have the motivation and the discipline to get in shape than the Bowflex Revolution will blow you away.

Bowflex Revolution

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A Little Effort For Better Bowflex Revolution Fitness Starts With Great Advice

Fitness is not something that has to be too hard to accomplish. You don't need to wait to get fit. You should begin now, since time is never on your side and the sooner you start the healthier you will be the rest of your life. You can begin your fitness routine by learning a few simple routines from the article below.

Pick an exercise that is fun and you will be more likely to stick with it. An enjoyable fitness routine is something that you will find yourself looking forward to.

Grow your own garden. Many people do not realize that starting a garden requires lots of hard physical labor. You will have to squat a lot, dig, pull weeds and carry heavy things. Gardening is just one of the many things you can do at home to keep in shape.

Stay motivated by setting personal fitness goals. Goals push you to work through your challenges rather than worrying about how hard they are. Having goals also prevents quitting since involves progress that needs completion.

Is there an exercise you don't like? Then just do it. This is because people tend to stay away from exercises they are particularly weak in. So, conquer your weak exercise by adding it to your regular workout routine and keep practicing it.

It can be tough to stay motivated when dieting. It's important to see progress to keep yourself going. Instead of obsessively weighing yourself, use your clothes to gauge your progress. Try on these clothes weekly as you are dieting, and you can really experience the transformation of your life.

Here's a helpful way to make chin ups just a little less difficult. You may be able to change your mindset about this particular exercise. Rather than thinking about pulling your body mass up, think about lowering your elbows instead. This bit of mental sleight-of-hand can make chin-ups feel less challenging and enable you to do them in greater numbers.

Make sure to schedule exercise into your day around the meals that you eat. If you do not plan ahead, you will likely grab something very unhealthy whenever you are busy doing something. It's easy to grab a cookie instead of an apple whenever you are busy in the office. Use this time to pack yourself a healthy lunch and a couple of nutritious snacks.

A great fitness tip is to start doing dips. Dips are a wonder exercise that focuses on your upper body, including your shoulders, chest and triceps. They can be completed in a variety of ways. If you place two benches next to each other, you can use them to do dips. You can also add weight to your dips.

Count your reps in reverse. Rather than counting to the amount of reps you desire, count backwards. This can help all of your workouts feel like they take less time to complete as well. You can really motivate yourself when you know exactly how many reps you have left.

Bike at a steady rate. The more and faster you decide to pedal, the more you workout. Pace yourself in order to gain endurance and keep yourself from getting tired. It's also easier to protect yourself from injury if you keep your pedaling pace steady. You'll be more sensitive to the twinges that tell you you're risking an injury.

Don't prolong resuming your workout return if you get injured. However, go easy on the damaged muscles. Gentle exercises - brief ones, with only a fraction of your usual intensity - will actually help injured muscles heal. Stretching the muscles that are injured will bring more oxygen and blood flowing there, which is beneficial to the muscles.

You can show your children that fitness is important by volunteering for school or community athletic program. That will help them want to get thoroughly involved.

Your workout should leave you feeling refreshed and energized, not exhausted. To be effective, your workout should involve cardiovascular exercises like aerobics or running. However, you should also incorporate anaerobic exercises, such as weight lifting, into your routine to increase your strength and tone your body.

Ask a friend to run with you. Joining up with friends for a local run can be a great fitness routine, particularly if your buddies are in better shape. Your friend functions as a role model for you, since he has already mastered much of what you have set as a goal. This motivates you to achieve or surpass that level of physical fitness.

See what gyms are near your place. Having a nearby gym is convenient. Your company may have a personal gym, or it may offer discounted gym memberships to local clubs. No matter what, you should know where you can go in your neighborhood when the need for a workout hits. The nearer the gym is to your home, the greater the likelihood you will pay regular visits.

Eating yogurt regularly provides a great boost to your health. Yogurt has several health benefits, including aiding your digestion process. Calcium and protein are found in abundance in yogurt. Studies have demonstrated that people who have a higher dairy intake are healthier than those who have lower dairy intake in their diets.

In order to increase muscle mass and completely change your body, strength training is a must. Strength training speeds up your metabolism and increases your muscle mass. More muscle mass means that you burn more calories, whether you are exercising or resting. Make certain you rest every muscle group for about 24 hours before working it again.

In order to avoid making excuses for inactivity, commit to a specific daily workout schedule. When all is said and done, it will be easier to decide whether your concerns were justified. Many times, your excuse was just that, an excuse.

The life-long quest to a healthier, leaner, and fitter you begins right here with these very paragraphs. Even if you have an already established fitness regimen, the information you read here is something different and could help you achieve much better results. Keep in mind that fitness is a journey, not just a goal. There are many paths that will get you there.