Bowflex Revolution Workouts

Bowflex Revolution Workouts - Revolutionary Workouts You Need to Know

Bowflex Revolution workouts were designed to target your whole body. This can be broken down into four primary areas:

Upper Body Bowflex Revolution Workouts: You can duplicate virtually any exercise from your local gym.

This is one of its biggest advantages compared to other home gyms. The Revolution packs 200lbs of upper body resistance which can be upgraded to 280lbs. Adjusting the individual cable pulleys will let you work muscles from a variety of angles. This includes chest, shoulders, arms, and back.  

Bowflex Revolution Workouts

Lower Body Bowflex Revolution Workouts: Lower bodywork outs allow you develop a more powerful physique by releasing growth hormones that trigger muscle development. The Revolution offers powerful lower body Bowflex Revolution Workouts that can be adjusted in 5lb increments. You can tone and strengthen your legs with the leg press while benefiting from smooth resistance. This minimizes injury and makes working out more beneficial. They include several exercises for hips, upper legs, and calves.

Core and Abs Bowflex Revolution Workouts: The core Bowflex Revolution Workouts were designed to tone and strengthen your midsection. While not as effective as free weights, they still do an excellent job of targeting your individual muscle groups. There are a variety of exercises to slim your waist, which include an ab crunch, resisted abs crunch, trunk rotations, and more.

Cardio Bowflex Revolution Workouts: The Revolution is one of only a handful of home gyms that offers an intense cardio workout. This is accomplished by folding down the padded seat for a built-in rowing machine. The resistance is smooth and linear making it easy to operate. I would still recommend other forms of cardiovascular activity such as jogging, or biking, as they are more effective. Bowflex Store 

Overall, the Bowflex Revolution is one of the best home gyms in its class and offers a lot of challenging workout routines. With 90 exercises and nearly 400 variations it's a serious contender.

Bowflex Revolution Workouts

Bowflex Revolution Review

People are looking for Bowflex Revolution reviews that are very accurate and true in the Internet. Because some of them don't belief the facts that other people say about this product. Well, this information that you are about to read is very accurate and been proven by many experts and specialist around the world. The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is a very unique device. Different kinds of workout techniques and exercises can be done in this product. Some even say that this product has it all. It has modern features that can't be found in other workout equipments or devices around the world. The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is designed by many workout specialist and experts around the world. This product contains all the different workout equipment that is being used to keep in shape or improve one's flexibility and strength.

Product Features

It contains a spiral resistance technology feature that is great for working out
It has resistance curve that can provide a even feel and smooth workout experience
The user can move easy with this product because it is very comfortable
Different types of exercises can be done in this machine
It has a 10 year service warranty

The product will give you a very comfortable feeling while you exercise and workout. The Bowflex arsenal contains compact, smooth and versatile equipments inside it. It also has a Spiral Flex resistance technology that the company distinguishes as its revolutionary design. The resistance technology provides a very smooth and polished feeling when you use the machine. This machine is designed to improve a persons muscle and develop it to become much stronger. It can also help a person lose some weight if they have issues about it. This device is perfect for mostly everything that involves working out and exercising.


Sometimes the machine will also experience some technical problems. These problems can be solved by calling the service hotline where you can ask for solutions and advices that will help you fix the problems that you encounter with this device. It also has a warranty that can be used when it breaks. Customer must take care of the product properly in order for it to last long and provide a wonderful service to its user.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The machine has a total score of 3.2 out of 5 stars. 12 customers shared their experience and reviews about the product. 4 customers gave the machine a 5 star score, 3 customers gave it a 4 star, 1 customer gave it 3 star, and 4 customer gave it 1 star. One of the customers that gave it a 5 star score said that the machine was really a wonderful working out device. It helps them improve on their muscular figure and had no problems with it because they took proper care of the machine. Another customer that gave it a 4 star score said that the machine is perfect for workout exercises because many types of exercise or Bowflex Revolution Workouts can be done with the wonderful machine.


The Bowflex Revolution Review Home Gym is a very amazing product. Different kinds of workout exercises can be done in this machine and it gives a wonderful and comfortable feeling when working out. This machine has been tested and proven by many experts around the world. Some of them even recommend it to enthusiasts whom are very fond of working out and exercising. Bowflex Store