Bowflex PR1000

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym - A Powerful and Affordable Home Gym Choice

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is the perfect exercise machine for most people.
Whether you are looking to build strength or simply tighten and tone up, the Bowflex PR1000 home gym gives you a lot of value at an affordable price. This gym is designed so you can build your strength with 30 different exercises. Store 

Bowflex gyms feature the unique Power Rods for resistance instead of free weights. These power rods offer smooth and steady resistance throughout the entire range of motion of each repetition. With the Bowflex PR1000 you can easily adjust the resistance from as little as 5 pounds to as much as 210 pounds.

You can exercise your entire body in just minutes per day.

The PR1000 also includes a built-in rowing station that's great for your cardiovascular exercise. The seat can slide on a rail and lets you burn calories in order to get in your aerobic training.

With the economical Bowflex PR1000 you will be able to get in a full body workout in just minutes a day. Here's is a sampling of some to the exercises you can do with this piece of home exercise equipment.

Bowflex PR1000

Upper body exercises for your arms, chest shoulders and upper back  

* Bench press
* Shoulder press
* Incline bench press
* Declined bench press
* Crossover seated rear deltoids rows

Lower body exercises for your legs, hips, lower back

* Seated lat rows
* Leg extensions
* Calf raises
* Seated hip abduction
* Leg press

If you could have the PR1000 in your home, imagine how much better you could look and feel after just a few short weeks.

Imagine what a difference it would make to have this piece of exercise equipment available for you to use whenever you wanted to workout. Think of the difference a regular strength building exercise program could make in your overall fitness level.

This home gym is all the exercise equipment most people will ever need. It can be used and enjoyed by your entire family. The 210 lbs. of resistance should be all you will ever require. Unless you are a bodybuilder or serious weight lifter, it should meet your needs and save you hundreds of dollars when compared to other home gyms of this class.

Bowflex PR1000

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review - The Pros and the Cons of the All-in-One Home Fitness Machine

Manufactured by the Nautilus company, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is marketed as an all-in-one strength training machine. Introduced in 2008, the system has since garnered both positive and negative reviews. This is, of course, to be expected as man has yet to create the perfect machine that will cater to every fitness need and every fitness enthusiast.

Bowflex PR1000 Features

According to its manufacturer, the Bowflex PR1000 combines the benefits of strength training with a few cardio advantages thrown in for good measure. As such, it provides a total body workout specifically on the arms, shoulders, back chest and lower body, courtesy of more than 30 exercises that can be performed on the machine.

To name a few of these exercises possible on the PR1000, users can do bench presses, shoulder press and raise, pulldowns and pushdowns, rows and retractions, extensions and abductions. Plus, there is a built-in rowing machine that can be folded when the workout is finished, thereby, saving on space.

The Power Rod Resistance can go from as little as 5 pounds to as much as 210 pounds, which means that it is suitable for novices and experts alike. When combined with the abovementioned 30-plus possible exercises, you have an all-in-one home gym in your hands.

As a bonus, the unit comes with a Workout Placard, which describes the proper workout positions. This is a great way to ensure that safety is exercised during use of this Bowflex Home Gym. Other notable features include sliding seat rail, multifunctional hand grip and ankle cuffs, and upholstered roller cushions.

It currently retails at an average of $600, exclusive of shipping and handling. As is the case in online shopping and infomercials, discounts are offered as well as giveaways.


The system is among the more popular products of Nautilus, mainly because of these advantages:

o With its 30-plus exercises, it provides a total body workout that combines both strength and cardio workouts. In essence, it's the total home gym! As such, users have many options to choose from and, hence, will ward off exercise boredom.

o Its dimensions allow for lesser space footprint, which is made better because it can be folded and stored conveniently.

o The construction ensures durability and longevity of use. As such, it is a very good bargain for the family.

o It can be assembled on your own, which allows savings of $200 should you choose the manufacturer to assemble it for you.

o The weights are sufficient for individuals who wish to maintain a certain level of physical fitness without looking like the Incredible Hulk.


On the downside, the Bowflex PR1000 does have its disadvantages. First, it can be a real chore exchanging the cables for every exercise. In fact, some users recommend spending a few more dollars to upgrade to the PR3000 model. Second, the home gym under review cannot be upgraded. And third, the available weights may not be sufficient for more advanced levels. Bowflex Store 

Rev It Up With These Fast Fitness Tips!

Fitness involves a lot more than doing random exercises in a health club. If you want to receive the best results from your fitness goals, you must have knowledge, patience, and determination. These great tips provided could help improve your own fitness routine.

A person can maximize any benefits they get from exercise by varying their exercise activities. If someone usually uses a treadmill, they can easily run around their neighborhood. Running up a hilly sidewalk will result in different muscles being used and challenged. Sticking with only one type of exercise, minimizes the results to the point of slowing them down or stalling completely.

Count calories. Counting your daily calorie intake is a key factor in weight loss because it determines how much you'll gain or lose. Your fitness program will get really productive if you limit your calorie intake to your maintenance level and increase your calorie usage by working out.

To keep motivation high, sign up for a variety of fitness classes instead of just one type. Mixing it up a bit gives you the opportunity to discover new classes, and find more fun ways to get fit. Try dancing or take a yoga class. A class in kickboxing or a "boot camp" program may be the perfect fit for you. You should remember that after you do one, you will be eventually losing weight.

Write down the exercises you do every day. This log should include not only the workouts you complete, but also any additional exercises completed throughout your day. Make sure you also purchase a pedometer so that you can easily track your steps and add those to your information as well. Writing it all down helps you keep track of your fitness progress.

Your core is vitally important to your fitness levels. A stable, well-toned core can assist you with many of your exercises. A great way to develop a stronger core is to do sit-ups. Doing sit-ups will give you an increase in the range of motion you have. Improve your core and you improve the rest of your body as well.

It is vital to wear the right type of shoes designed for your specific workouts. When you wear the wrong types of shoes you can get injured. If you use the wrong shoes, your feet may hurt, discouraging you from continuing. Give yourself the best chance at success with the right shoes.

Most exercise programs do not burn the amount of calories most people think, so they exercise to the extreme. You risk injury and damage to your body if you go overboard. This is one case where the benefits do not outweigh the risks. The simple fact is, more fat is burned at lower intensities.

Kickboxing is phenomenal exercise. No matter how fit you are, it is nearly impossible to end a kickboxing routine without feeling thoroughly worked out. Also, you can burn many calories, which can give you the look that you desire.

There is a way to exercise and watch tv! Whenever a commercial comes on, do some quick exercises. This way you can watch your favorite shows and work toward becoming more fit.

When cycling, stay at a steady pace. Pedaling faster just burns through your available energy more quickly. By keeping a steady pace you will increase your endurance and avoid getting tired. Pedaling at a steady pace allows you to know when you're about to get an injury, because you're able to feel your muscles better.

Check to see if you are over training to manage your fitness. You can check this by taking your pulse the morning after a particularly hard workout.

Yard work is a way to multi-task while getting a workout. Your yard needs work, and you need to get out to move. This is a wonderful pairing. Getting yourself outdoors and moving around at least one day out of the week will allow you to burn calories while doing something productive. Once you get into it, you will lose track of how much time you have spent on your yard. In addition, you won't even realize all the great exercise you have been getting.

Make a fitness routine for the entire family. You can take turns choosing the group activity for the day or week. It may be helpful to keep a detailed log of each family member's activities, including the type of workout, duration and other key details. Let everyone pick something they excel at which makes them feel special and want to take part in the group exercise every week.

You must ice the area in which you develop a muscle sprain. That will keep any swelling and redness down. Once you've done that, elevate the area to encourage proper circulation. You do not want to put ice directly on your skin; instead, you want to cover it with a towel.

Don't bounce your body when you're stretching out. This usually puts undo strain on your muscles. It may seem counterintuitive, but bouncing will not lengthen your muscles. Not only is bouncing useless, it can actually increase the chance that you'll suffer an injury. Always stretch slowly and without bouncing.

For a better workout, make sure to keep your wrists bent when you to bicep exercises. Do your regular bicep curl but extend your wrists backwards slightly. It might feel a little uncomfortable, but it won't be long until your used to it.

Most people don't realize just how important stretching is. Be sure to take time both before and after to stretch. Failing to stretch properly can result in injuries. Stretching is important both before and after your workout.

Did you realize that there are video games that can help you meet your fitness goals? Pick up a Nintendo Wii and get yourself games such as Wii Fit and Dance Revolution, or any game that gets you on your feet and moving around.

Anyone can improve their fitness levels, but it takes a committed person to dedicate themselves to continually tweaking their routine for even greater success. You are more likely to achieve your weight loss goals if you choose enjoyable exercise programs and a healthy diet you can live with.