Bowflex PR1000 Workouts

Since its invention in 1979, the Bowflex PR1000 Workouts home gym has offered a different approach to weight training. Rather than using traditional barbells and weight plates, the Bowflex PR1000 Workouts allows you to clip exercise attachments to pliable rods, copyrighted as “power rods.” More than 30 exercises are possible on the Bowflex PR1000 Workouts using its exercise attachments, and you can combine these exercises several different ways for a total body workout that suits your fitness goals. Bowflex Store 

Twenty-Minute Better Body

The 20-minute better body workout is often promoted on Bowflex infomercials as a quick and easy way to get a better body. During the routine, you perform the bench press, seated lat rows, crossover seated rows, biceps curls, triceps push-downs, calf raises, leg presses, resisted trunk rotation and seated abdominal curls. Select a weight that allows you to perform 10 to 15 repetitions before muscle failure, and perform one set of each exercise with minimal rest between sets.

Advanced General Conditioning

You can use the advanced general conditioning workout with the Bowflex PR1000 Workouts after you have developed a base level of strength with the 20-minute better body routine. It is similar to the basic routine in that you perform a total body workout using 10 to 12 repetitions per exercise. The main difference is that you only use six or seven exercises per session. Bowflex recommends using a “split system,” where you train different muscle groups on different days. Therefore, you may work your chest, shoulders and arms on the first and third workouts of the week, while training your back, trunk and legs on the second workout of the week.

Aerobic Circuit Training

If your main goal is weight loss with the Bowflex PR1000 Workouts, the company recommends the true aerobic circuit training program. To perform this workout, you execute a single set of bench presses, leg presses, seated rows, calf raises and seated abdominal crunches for eight to 12 repetitions. However, instead of resting between each exercise, you perform 30 to 60 seconds of an aerobic exercise, such as jogging in place or stair climbing. You can complete the entire circuit as many times as you want in 20 to 60 minutes per workout session.

Muscle Building

Though the Bowflex PR1000 Workouts only offers a maximum of 210 lbs. in resistance through the power rods, you can still get a solid strength training workout with the home gym. The company recommends a three-day split in which you work your chest and shoulders on Monday, your back and arms on Wednesday and your legs and torso on Friday. During each workout, you select two to four exercises per muscle group, such as the seated lat row and stiff arm pull-downs when you work your back. Perform each exercise for two to four sets during the workout, with each set containing five to eight repetitions. Bowflex Store 

Bowflex PR1000 Workouts

Home Gym Full Body Training Routines

We all know how difficult in might be to make it to the gym after 9 long hours at work. I bet it has happened to you as well.

But what do you do when you don't feel you have the energy to stop by the local gym on your way home? Or may be you don't have the time for a workout at the gym. You can only use 20 - 30 min.

Bowflex PR1000 Wowkouts

What’s the solution then? It could be only one - a full body workout at your home gym.

But first take this from me. If you don't have a home gym set up already, don't even think of missing a workout. Go to the local gym where you are a member. Missing a single workout can set a path for a habit. Vice versa, not missing a workout won't let you think of such an option.

So, let’s suppose that it's one of these days when you can't make it to the gym, and are planning on working out at home. That means you have a gym of some sort, already set up.

In this article I want to advise you on your choices for a full body routine. The workout you will pick however, will all depend on how your home gym is equipped.

For example you might have a home-gym machine. Or you might be a hardcore bodybuilder. Then you have free weights as your main equipment.

If you belong to the first group - you own a home gym machine - this is the part you should be reading.

The simplest home gym machines are equipped for at least several exercises such as: bench press, lat pull down, seated rows, biceps curls, triceps push-downs, leg extensions and standing hamstring curls.

That’s actually plenty. You can complete the whole body in a single session.

Your circuit workout:

/Warm up/
Crunches 2-3 x 15 - 30
Seated bench press 3 x 10 - 12
Lat pull-down 3 x 10 - 12
Front cable raises (machine behind you, lower pulley cable between your thighs) 3 x 10 - 12
Standing biceps cable curls (lower pulley cable, facing the machine) 3 x 10 - 12
Standing triceps push-downs (using the lat-pull down handle) 3 x 10 - 12
Leg extensions 3 x 12 - 15
Standing hamstring curls (facing the machine) 3 x 12 - 15
/Cool down/

You have more options for replacing some of the exercises:

Replace seated bench press wide grip with seated bench press close grip.

Replace lat pull down with seated rows (facing the machine).

Replace standing biceps cable curls with lying cable curls (lie down on the floor on your back and place your feet on the rolling pads for support).

In case that you belong to the second group - you are a hardcore enthusiast or bodybuilder, the least equipment you have (I would guess) is an adjustable bench, a power rack, an Olympic barbell set and a pair of dumbbells with adjustable weights.

For you I'd suggest two circuit routines. You can do only one of them or you can do two circuits, using both if you feel you have energy (and desire) to do that:

Workout One/Circuit One

/Warm up/
Crunches 1-2 x 15 - 30
Flat bench press on the rack 2-3 x 12 - 15
Barbell rows 2-3 x 10 - 15
Seated dumbbell overhead presses 2-3 x 12 - 15
Barbell curls 2-3 x 8 - 12
Barbell lying triceps extensions 2-3 x 12 - 15
Squats 2-3 x 10 x 15
Stiff Leg Dead Lifts 2-3 x 10 - 12
/Cool down/

Workout Two/Circuit Two

/Warm up/
Reverse crunches 1-2 x 15 - 20
Dumbbell flys 2-3 x 10 - 12
One-arm dumbbell rows 2-3 x 10 - 12
Dumbbell lateral raises 2-3 x 10 - 12
Seated dumbbell curls 2-3 x 8 - 12
One-arm overhead triceps extensions 2-3 x 8 - 12
Lunges (holding a pair of dumbbells) 2-3 x 12 - 15
/Cool down/

Note that the number of reps is slightly higher than what you would normally do should you have worked out at the gym. I did it this way intentionally. My advice is that you use 50 - 70% of your One Rep Max due to the fact that you don't have a spotter. If you think you can go heavier please do, but at your own risk.

That’s it. Now that you finished your workout you deserve a nice, chilled protein shake. After all you are at home and can make it any way you want, right. And, yes, you should feel good because you didn't miss your workout. Store