Bowflex M3

Bowflex Max Trainer Bowflex M3 Review

Thinking about the Bowflex Max Trainer Bowflex M3? This is the most affordable Max Trainer model coming in around $1200. So it's obviously very popular.

But is it the right model for you? And how does it measure up against the other models?

Here's a brief review of what you need to know about the Bowflex M3 Max Trainer:

Benefits of the Max Trainer Bowflex M3:

There are some great things about the Max Bowflex M3 model. First of all, it still has the same basic design as the other models - the hybrid elliptical-stair-stepper with upper body arms.

So you still use more of your lower body and even upper body muscles vs a regular elliptical trainer. This results in more calories burned.

Also you get the famous 14-minute high intensity interval workout built into the console. This workout was specially designed by Bowflex to get you maximum results in minimum time.

In fact high intensity interval training workouts (or HIIT for short) have been proven to help keep you burning calories for up to 48 hours post workout!

Bowflex M3

So if you don't have a lot of time in your day, but you still want to see results, the Bowflex M3 can get you there.

You also get the calorie burn rate meter (which looks a little like a speedometer) in the console which is pretty cool. It's a challenge to see how far and fast you can go while working out.

The Max Trainer Bowflex M3 also gives you 8 resistance levels to add some challenge in your workouts.

Bowflex M3

How Does It Compare to Other Models?

The Bowflex M3 is the most affordable model - but it doesn't come with some of the fancier options you get on the Bowflex M5 and Bowflex M7 models.

For example the Bowflex M5 and Bowflex M7 models come with 16 and 20 levels of resistance respectively - more than you get with the Bowflex M3. So you have a bit more room to grow with these models.

Also the consoles on the Bowflex M5 and Bowflex M7 are backlit. The console on the Bowflex M3 is not backlit. So it's a bit easier to read the consoles on the Bowflex M5 and Bowflex M7.

You also get a few more high intensity training programs on the Bowflex M5 and Bowflex M7 models like Calorie Goal, Steady Pace, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Stairs and Fitness Test.

And finally the Bowflex M5 and Bowflex M7 come with Bluetooth which tracks your workouts. You can sync this information with the Bowflex App on your phone (the app is free) and track your calories, goals etc.

So those are a few differences between the Bowflex M3 and the Bowflex M5 or Bowflex M7. For many people these aren't deal breakers - just some extra fluff you may or may not want with your machine.

So it really depends on your budget, goals and preferences as to which Max Trainer you choose.

But at the end of the day, if you use any of these machines, you're guaranteed to get an amazing full-body workout. You'll be seeing results in the mirror faster than you ever dreamed!

Bowflex Max Elliptical - 5 Benefits You May Not Know About

The Bowflex Max Elliptical is a very popular hybrid elliptical-stair-stepper machine. It's extremely popular right now - the main benefit is that it can help you burn 2.5 times more calories than a regular elliptical.

But the Max elliptical also has some other benefits that most people don't even realize.

So with that in mind here are 5 little-known benefits of the Bowflex Max Trainer:

#1 Takes Up Less Space In Your Home

The Bowflex Max takes up less space in your home than a standard elliptical trainer. With a footprint of around 46.1" L x 25" W it's about half the size of a regular elliptical or a treadmill.

This is great for smaller workout areas, condos or apartments. With a lower step on height than many ellipticals you also need less space above you (ceiling height) than a crosstrainer as well.

You need about your height plus 15 inches above you for the Max Trainer to fit comfortably in your room. So if you're 6 feet tall you need a ceiling height of around 6 + 1 foot and 3 inches (15 inches) which gives you a ceiling height of 7 foot 3 inches.

#2 Engages More Core Muscles

Tests in the Bowflex lab showed that the Max trainer engages more core and lower body muscles than a standard elliptical.

It also engages up to 80% more upper body muscles. So you're getting a better whole body workout - which helps you tone up quickly.

#3 You Don't Need A Lot of Time To See Results

Bowflex designed special high intensity training workouts that are included with each Max Trainer model.

The most popular one is the 14 minute high intensity workout. You get all the cardio benefits of a much longer workout in just 14 minutes. If you're too busy to workout or you don't have a lot of time in your day this is a great way to make sure you still get fitness results.

#4 Take Advantage of the Afterburn Effect

High Intensity training workouts like the ones you find on the Bowflex Max elliptical have been shown to keep your metabolism revved and burning calories for up to 48 hours post workout.

So again, this is another way you're going to burn calories (even after your workout) on this trainer.

#5 Online Tracking Now Available

Bowflex has added Bluetooth tracking on the M5 and M7 models. You can track your activity and calories burned using the free Bowflex App on your phone. This is a great way to stay motivated, set and reach new goals.

So is there a downside to the Max Trainer? Well, it does take some getting used to as this is more of a climbing, vertical motion vs a regular elliptical flat running motion that most people are used to.

So if you're new to this kind of exercise, start slow and listen to your body. Only do what you can.

But at the end of the day, if you want a fitness machine that has been proven to get you better results than a standard elliptical, you really can't go wrong with the Bowflex Max Elliptical.

Bowflex Max Trainer Vs Treadmill - Which Is Best For You

Trying to decide between the Bowflex Max Trainer vs. a treadmill? The Bowflex Max is a new type of elliptical-stair stepper that's extremely popular right now.

But the treadmill is still the most popular type of fitness equipment overall - and also gives you some definite advantages.

So which is best for you? Here's a review of 5 key differences between the Bowflex Max Trainer and a treadmill to help you decide:

#1 Calorie Burning

The Bowflex Max has the edge here. In studies done in the Bowflex lab, the Max trainer burned up to 2.5 times more calories than a treadmill (or regular elliptical or stair stepper).

In fact trial users burned up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. Contrast that to about 100 - 200 calories in 30 minutes that you burn on a treadmill (depending on incline, speed, etc.), and it's quite a difference.

#2 Impact

Again, the Max trainer wins here are well. Treadmills (especially when used for running) are very high impact. The force of your joints coming down on the belt can strain your hips, knees, back and ankles.

The Max trainer however has almost no impact as your feet do not leave the moving pedals. In fact, according to the manufacturer, running on a treadmill produces up to 200% more impact than workout out on the Max.

So if you're more prone to injury or shin splints the Max is a great option.

#3 Entertainment/Tracking Options

This is a tie - maybe with a treadmill (depending on the model) having the slight edge.

While the Bowflex Max trainer does come with several built-in workouts (including the main 14 minute high intensity training interval), a treadmill in general tends to give you more workouts and entertainment options.

For example, you can find treadmills with built-in iPod docks, TVs and even web browser in the console.

However, on the other side, the Max Trainer M5 model does come with Bluetooth and you can sync and track your results with their app to see how far you've come. So there is some good tracking capability with the M5.

#4 Ease of Use

The treadmill has the slight advantage here. Walking on a treadmill is so simple that almost anyone can do it, regardless of age, weight or coordination level.

Even if you've never exercised before and you're just starting out, you can use a treadmill. Start slow and move up gradually as you fitness level increases.

The Max trainer can be used slowly as well - however it's a bit more intense than a simple walking workout. Plus, the motion may take a bit of getting used to for newbies.

#5 Upper Body

The Max trainer wins here - hands down. With a treadmill, there really isn't a way to work your upper body - unless you buy handweights and use these while you walk.

The Max trainer has moving arm bars (similar to elliptical arm bars) what help you work you arms. Testing in the Bowflex lab showed that the Max arms engaged up to 80% more upper body muscles than even a traditional elliptical.

So what's the bottom line on the Bowflex Max Trainer vs a Treadmill?

Well, it basically comes down to you and what you're looking for. A treadmill can give you an easy workout with lots of fun entertainment and tracking options. It's a great option for people who have never exercised before who are just getting started.

However, the Max trainer is much lower impact than a treadmill and can burn a lot more calories in less time. So you'll see weight loss results faster on the Max than on a treadmill.

Plus, you'll also get to work and tone your upper body much easier than you would on a treadmill.

So again, it depends on your goals and preferences. Regardless of what you decide to do, please make sure to take your time, go at your own pace and consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.